A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it.


Powerful interview with the late Miriam Makeba on Finnish TV in 1969.

Interviewer: “Which status are you aiming to between the whites and the Africans, at the end, when you have won?”

Makeba: “That will depend on them, we are not worried about them. We are just worried about ourselves. It is our country, they came from Europe to invade our country. They took it, they have made us suffer, so we don’t have to worry about thinking what will we do to them or what will happen to them. It will be up to them to see fit what they can do when we have won, just like they see fit what to do right now, while they are on top. So, it’s something that we don’t worry about. All we are worried about is to fight and liberate ourselves.


They could’ve have come to our country and live side-by-side with us, we didn’t mind that. In fact when they came we said, “come in, sit down”, and they sat down and said, “get out”. 

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Watch "Mac DeMarco // "My Kind of Woman" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)" on YouTube

Mac DeMarco // “My Kind of Woman” (OFFICIAL VIDEO):

Terribly love this track.